CHECK constraints in MySQL

May 14, 2019
Above the clouds by Olivier DASINI

MySQL (really) supports CHECK CONSTRAINT since version 8.0.16.
In this article I will show you 2 things:

  1. An elegant way to simulate check constraint in MySQL 5.7 & 8.0.
  2. How easy and convenient it is to use CHECK constraints starting from MySQL 8.0.16.

Please note that this article is strongly inspired by Mablomy‘s blog post: CHECK constraint for MySQL – NOT NULL on generated columns.

I’m using the optimized MySQL Server Docker images, created, maintained and supported by the MySQL team at Oracle.
For clarity I chose MySQL 8.0.15 for the check constraint hack and obviously 8.0.16 for the “real” check constraint implementation.

Deployment of MySQL 8.0.15 & MySQL 8.0.16:


Obviously using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

Please read the best practices of deploying MySQL on Linux with Docker.

Example 1

Check constraints hack

As you can see, the trick is to use Generated Columns, available since MySQL 5.7 and the flow control operator IF where the check condition is put.

As expected, values that respect the condition (between 7 and 12) can be inserted.

Outside the limits, an error is raised.
We have our “check constraint” like feature 🙂

Check constraint since MySQL 8.0.16

Since MySQL 8.0.16, the CHECK keyword do the job.
I would recommend to name wisely your constraint.
The syntax is:


From there, the following is rather obvious:

Easy! 🙂

Example 2

You can check a combination of columns.

Check constraints hack

Check constraint since MySQL 8.0.16

Still easy!

Example 3

You can also check text columns.

Check constraints hack

Check constraint since MySQL 8.0.16

Frankly easy!

I did not mention that the hack works as well in 8.0.16, though not needed anymore.

CHECK constraint is another useful feature implemented in MySQL (and not the last one, stay tuned!).
There are some other interesting things to know about this feature but also about the others available in MySQL 8.0.16.
Please have a look on the references below.


Thanks for using MySQL!

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Thanks for using MySQL!

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