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MySQL Geek, Data enthusiast & fascinated by Artificial Intelligence.
But also Author, Blogger and Speaker; I’m an insatiable hunger of learning!

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 last update: December 2015
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Since December 2015: MySQL Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle. (Paris, France)

2014 – 2015: Senior MySQL DBA at Zendesk (Dublin, Ireland)

• Led the migration of MySQL servers from 5.5 to 5.6.
• Automate recurring DBA tasks via shell scripts.
• Troubleshoot performance issues & performance tuning (InnoDB).
• Perform database schema changes.
• Perform and manage migrations of customer data between shards.
• Work with and educate our dev teams to make good schema design choices and write
efficient queries.
• Platform : Ubuntu server.

2014 – 2014: Senior MySQL DBA at Hostelworld.com (Dublin, Ireland)

* Troubleshoot performance issues & performance tuning (server and queries optimizations).
* Automate recurring DBA tasks (bash scripts).
* Provide mentorship and technical overview to the developers, system engineers and analysts ensuring best usage of MySQL.
* MySQL technical support.
* Audit of databases architectures.
* Provide technical expertise in order to designed a MySQL architecture matching company needs.
* Platform : CentOS Linux.

2011 – 2014: Lead MySQL DBA at Viadeo. (Paris, France)
• Performance tuning (InnoDB & MyISAM).
• Configure and support MySQL Replication.
• Implementation of backup/restoration strategies.
• Databases migration in UTF-8.
• High Availability with MHA.
• Assist developers with trainings, query tuning and schema design.
• Audit of databases architectures.
• MySQL technical support.
• Percona toolkit user.
• Scripting : BASH, PHP.
• Platform : Linux Debian.
• MySQL writer, blogger and speaker.
2010 – 2011: MySQL consultant and trainer (self-employed)
• Database audit and tuning.
• Data Architect.
• MySQL Training (DBA / Dev / Performance Tuning / HA / MySQL Cluster).
2009 – 2011: Lead MySQL DBA at Orange Business Services. (Paris, France)
• MySQL tech lead & trainer (DBA, DEV and OPS).
• Database migrations & performance tuning (InnoDB & MyISAM).
• Architecture and support on MySQL replication.
• MySQL technical support (level 3).
• Audit of architectures and applications.
• Platform : Linux Debian..
2003 – 2009: MySQL consultant & trainer, PHP trainer & developer at Alter Way. (Paris, France)
• MySQL consultant.
• MySQL certified trainer on official Sun Microsystems / MySQL AB training (acquired by Oracle).
? MySQL: for DBA / for Dev / Performance Tuning / HA / MySQL Cluster.
• Lecturer at the EPITA (graduate school of computer science1): PHP & MySQL.
• Creation of training courses, e.g. the MySQL support for official Zend Technologies.
• PHP developer & trainer.
• Talend ETL trainer.
Book author (in french)
MySQL 5.6 – Administration et optimisation at ENI
ISBN: 978-2-7460-7864-2
http://www.editions-eni.fr/livres/mysql-5-6-administration-et-optimisation/.9071c7583945fceec03752855ea6ac2a.htmlAudit et optimisation – MySQL 5, Bonnes pratiques pour l’administrateur at EYROLLES
ISBN-13: 978-2212126341
http://www.eyrolles.com/Informatique/Livre/audit-et-optimisation-mysql-5-9782212126341MySQL 5 – Administration et optimisation at ENI
ISBN-13: 978-2-7460-5516-2

MHA : MySQL haute dispo, chez Viadeo (Fr)

MHA : MySQL haute dispo, chez Viadeo par Olivier Dasini from Olivier DASINI

Migration MySQL Latin 1 vers UTF-8

Étude de cas : migration MySQL Latin 1 vers UTF-8 from Olivier DASINI

Case Study: MySQL migration from latin1 to UTF-8 from Olivier DASINI

Architectures haute disponibilité avec MySQL (Fr)

Architectures haute disponibilité avec MySQL from Olivier DASINI

Optimisation de MySQL (Fr)

Optimisation de MySQL from Olivier DASINI


  • Co-founder of the french society: MySQL User Group Francophone (LeMUG.fr).

Initial training

  • Level of database engineer, CNAM, 2004
  • MD in Computer Science, with the special option database, University of Paris VI, 2002
  • MySQL Certification


  • Native French speaker
  • English : Professional working proficiency
  • Native Creole speaker


MySQL DBA job presentation for lesmetier.net (French government website to facilitate academic and professional career choices of young people)
Conférencier au forum PHP 2009http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x15yp7_olivier-dasini-anaska-mysql-replica_businesshttp://www.afup.org/pages/forumphp2007/conferenciers.php?#odasinihttp://www.afup.org/pages/forumphp2008/sessions.php#79