MySQL InnoDB Cluster – HowTo #2 – Validate an instance

May 21, 2019
Sakila HA by Olivier DASINI

How do I… Validate an instance for MySQL InnoDB Cluster usage?

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Long answer…

In this article I assuming you already know what is MySQL Group Replication & MySQL InnoDB Cluster.
Additionally you can read this tutorial and this article from my colleague lefred or this one on Windows Platform from my colleague Ivan.

During the cluster creation process or when you want to add a node to a running cluster, the chosen MySQL instance must be valid for an InnoDB Cluster usage.
That is, be compliant with Group Replication requirements.

MySQL Shell provide a simple and easy way to check if your instance is valid: checkInstanceConfiguration()

I’m using MySQL Shell 8.0.16:

In this scenario my cluster is not created yet. However the logic would have been the same for adding a node to a running cluster.

Ask for help

The built-in help is simply awesome!

Check Instance Configuration

In order to check a MySQL instance I must connect to that instance, either by connecting to that instance with MySQL Shell or by providing the connection data to the function:

The output depends on the instance current status.
In my case 3 tables do not meet the requirements because of lack of Primary key (or non-null unique key).
Also I need to set correctly 4 variables and I must restart the MySQL instance because of 3 of them.


It is not always convenient (or recommended) to do these kind of task manually.
MySQL Shell is built in regards to DevOps usage :

Or even more practical:

An other option is to create a script and pass it to MySQL Shell.
A very simple (and naive) example could be:

then process the file:

In the previous scenario all the MySQL instances was set properly before the check.

Note that all that has been done previously in Javascript can also be done in Python :

To summarize

Q: How do I validate an instance for MySQL InnoDB Cluster usage?

A: Use check_instance_configuration()


Thanks for using MySQL!

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