MySQL 8.0.16 New Features Summary

June 5, 2019
Sakila mozaik by Olivier DASINI

Presentation of some of the new features of MySQL 8.0.16 released on April 25, 2019.


  • mysql_upgrade is no longer necessary
  • CHECK Constraints
  • Constant-Folding Optimization
  • SYSTEM_USER & partial_revokes
  • Chinese collation for utf8mb4
  • Performance Schema keyring_keys table
  • MySQL Shell Enhancements
  • MySQL Router Enhancements
  • InnoDB Cluster Enhancements
  • Group Replication Enhancements
  • Size of the binary tarball for Linux
  • Server quick settings validation

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4 Responses to “MySQL 8.0.16 New Features Summary”

  1. It is nice to have Group Replication Enhancements, but I do not see a lot of Standard Replication Enhancements those days (or maybe they are not advertised much). What is happening there ?

  2. Hi Jean-François,

    Don’t worry we are still working on supporting asynchronous replication. We recently added binlog and relay log encryption, we enhanced XA transaction prepare with metadalock, … and of course more to come.

    Some of the changes in replication’s frameworks benefit both types of replication. And it’s true that the changes in Group Replication are more visible because they are key changes like the consistency levels.

    So be patient, and you will see changes there too.

    Thank you for your interest in MySQL (and replication obviously).

  3. Thanks for the great sharing. Looks like there is a typo in the tags,
    where 8.0.18 should be 8.0.16?

    Tags: 8.0.18, Summary, video

  4. Good catch 🙂
    Fixed now!
    Thank you very much, appreciate