How to Get MySQL?

July 24, 2017

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When starting a new project, it is generally recommended to go on the most recent version of MySQL, to take advantage of the latest features but also (mainly?) to be sure to be up to date with the security patches.

Powered by MySQL

This blog post centralizes the various URLs where to download the world’s most popular open source database.


MySQL Community Edition

If you’re looking for the latest binaries, client/server packages or source code, in 64/32 bits for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, FreeBSD :


Linux Repository

On your Linux distros, the MySQL is often very old, (or worst you could download a totally different database).

The solution ? Install the MySQL APT/Yum/SUSE repository, which allows a simple and convenient way to install and update the latest GA, as well as the other products :


BTW please have a look on Ivan Ma‘s blog post : Installation of MySQL.



Docker image, created, maintained and supported by MySQL :


GitHub repository, created, maintained and supported by MySQL :


MySQL NDB Cluster

MySQL NDB Cluster, is a high-availability, high-redundancy version of MySQL adapted for the distributed computing environment. Available in the above repositories, as well as in these 2 dedicated URLs :


MySQL Enterprise Edition

Oracle customers can sign in to their My Oracle Support account:


Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (e-delivery) allows you to evaluate the MySQL Enterprise products :


MySQL Enterprise Edition is also available in Oracle Cloud :


Old versions

Sometimes we do not have a choice, a particular version is mandatory. You will find it in the archives :



Thanks for using MySQL!


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