MariaDB 5.2.4 et 5.1.53 sont disponibles

décembre 9, 2010

The MariaDB community is happy to announce two new releases hot off
the compiler!

MariaDB is a branch of the MySQL database which includes all major
open source storage engines, myriad bug fixes, and many community

The MariaDB 5.1 release continues with MariaDB 5.1.53, while the 5.2
series moves to 5.2.4. As always, detailed release notes are available
and are highly recommended, especially for those considering an

These releases both address a couple of issues in both series that may
affect a large number of users. First, a regression in MySQL relating
to starting as a service on Windows has been patched. You will no
longer need the –console option.

Second, a rather nasty little bug prevented compiling PHP against
MariaDB. This has been fixed in these new releases, as well.

Binary builds for many popular platforms, Linux packages, and source
code can be found mirrored worldwide.

MariaDB: Community developed, feature enhanced, backward compatible.


Kurt von Finck
Chief Community And Communications Officer
Monty Program

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