Data Migration from MariaDB to MySQL

March 9, 2022

Yet another customer wanted to migrate from MariaDB to MySQL. So I decided to write down the overall data migration process.

Indeed each migration are a unique story so I won’t provide you a “How to migrate”…
The idea is to highlight the general path and help you to avoid common pitfalls and thus help you save some precious time.


MySQL 5.6 rock suite

April 5, 2012

Voici la suite du post MySQL 5.6 rock, dans lequel je test MySQL 5.5 & 5.6, MariaDB 5.3 & 5.5 et Percona server 5.5.

Pour cet article, toujours un bench. Le contexte est assez proche, à la différence près que cette fois les serveurs sont testés en lecture (65%) et écriture (35%).


MariaDB 5.3 en beta

July 27, 2011

The MariaDB project would like to announce the availability of MariaDB 5.3.0 Beta, the latest addition to our growing lineup of supported software. MariaDB 5.3.0 beta includes all features in MariaDB 5.2 and is based on MySQL 5.1. Some highlights of new features include:

– subquery optimizations that finally make subqueries usable
– many optimizer changes, including Classic Hash Join, Batched Key Access, a new implementation of Multi-Range-Read optimizations as well as Index Condition Pushdown
– NoSQL-style interfaces via the HandlerSocket plugin as well as dynamic columns
– group commit in XtraDB when the binary log is enabled
– Microsoft Windows performance improvements

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MariaDB 5.2.4 et 5.1.53 sont disponibles

December 9, 2010

The MariaDB community is happy to announce two new releases hot off
the compiler!

MariaDB is a branch of the MySQL database which includes all major
open source storage engines, myriad bug fixes, and many community

The MariaDB 5.1 release continues with MariaDB 5.1.53, while the 5.2
series moves to 5.2.4. As always, detailed release notes are available
and are highly recommended, especially for those considering an

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