MySQL 8.0.19 New Features Summary

February 17, 2020

Presentation of some of the new features of MySQL 8.0.19 released on January 13, 2020.


  • InnoDB ReplicaSet
  • SQL Improvements
    • Table Value Constructors
    • LIMIT in recursive CTE
    • More information to Duplicate Key Error
  • Account Management Enhancements
  • Time zone offset for Timestamp & Datetime
  • Information Schema views for SQL Roles
  • MySQL Document Store Enhancements
  • MySQL Shell Enhancements
  • MySQL Router Enhancements
  • MySQL InnoDB Cluster Enhancements
  • MySQL Replication Enhancements
  • MySQL NDB Cluster Enhancements
  • MySQL Enterprise New Features
  • Thanks to the Contributors

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Thanks for using MySQL!

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