MySQL InnoDB Cluster – HowTo #1 – Monitor your cluster

April 11, 2019

MySQL InnoDB Cluster – HowTo #1 – Monitor your cluster

Q: How do I monitor the status & the configuration of my cluster?

A: Use status() or status({extended:true}) or status({queryMembers:true})?


Setting up ProxySQL 1.4 with MySQL 5.7 Group Replication

January 9, 2018

There are 3 pillars for a database architecture: Monitoring, Backup / Restore process, High Availability
This blog post is about database High Availability; more precisely about one of the best combo of the moment :
MySQL 5.7 Group Replication : the only native HA solution for MySQL, it’s a Single/Multi-master update everywhere replication plugin for MySQL with built-in automatic distributed recovery, conflict detection and group membership.
ProxySQL 1.4 : probably the best proxy for MySQL.