Benchmark MySQL 5.4

août 3, 2009

Dimitri KRAVTCHUK nous démontre avec une batterie de tests les évolutions en matière de performance apportées par MySQL 5.4:

* Huge performance improvement on InnoDB engine!
* MySQL 5.4.0 /Perf Version seems to be the most performant InnoDB implementation for the moment! (only except on the Read-Only workload @8cores where InnoDB plugin-1.0.3 is leading!)
* MySQL is outperforming PostgreSQL on my tests now!
* Regarding scalability, get a look at 8 vs 16 cores graphs, and you’ll see it’s the big step forward – no performance degradation on 16 cores is a very positive sign! and there is only 3 months distance between tests!
* LOCK_open needs a fix ASAP! 🙂
* Analyzing my test results, it’s too early to say InnoDB is scaling up to 16 cores, but the test results on 16 cores are already outperforming 8 cores, and I’m absolutely sure now – very quickly it’ll perform even better! so see you soon! :-))